The Weeknd Drops Official Issue XO Fall ’14 Collection

The Weeknd’s clothing line Official Issue XO just dropped their collection for this year’s fall season, and it features some pretty dope pieces.  Even more of a standout is the models used in the lookbook, sex sells my friends, sex sells.  As far as the clothes go, they did a great job on the baseball jerseys & leggings.  Collection available here.

official-issue-xo-01-fall-collection-01 official-issue-xo-02-fall-collection-02 official-issue-xo-03-fall-collection-03 official-issue-xo-04-fall-collection-04 official-issue-xo-06-fall-collection-06 official-issue-xo-07-fall-collection-07 official-issue-xo-08-fall-collection-08 official-issue-xo-09-fall-collection-09 official-issue-xo-10-fall-collection-10 official-issue-xo-11-fall-collection-11 official-issue-xo-12-fall-collection-12 official-issue-xo-13-fall-collection-13 official-issue-xo-14-fall-collection-14 official-issue-xo-15-fall-collection-15 official-issue-xo-16-fall-collection-16

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