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Altru Apparel Releases Lookbook for Spring ’15 Collection

Altru Apparel is getting ready to release their collection for this year’s spring season, and it features some great west coast-inspired pieces.  The spring season is their most laid-back and easygoing collection yet.  The main inspiration comes from the brands everyday adventures out on the west coast.  You can browse the whole collection here.


Sneakhype Style: Stay Fresh this Winter with Altru Apparel

For 10 years now, Altru Apparel has been a go-to brand intelligent & inspired graphics.  Recently, they’ve started delving more into outerwear, cut & sew, and trousers.  It’s important to keep things fresh even in the winter months where you might be a little more lazy in terms of how you dress.  Altru keeps things simple, yet refreshing & stylish, so you don’t have to put much effort into your outfits.

A couple staple pieces of theirs that will not only keep you warm, but incredibly cozy are the Life hoodie & Zig Zag sweats.  These incredibly soft items are a must-have for this year’s cold weather months. sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-1 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-2 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-3 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-4

Layering is important during the winter, so preparation is key.  Throwing on a nice button-down like this “Wavy” piece are great additions to any outfit.  Getting too hot?  Throw off that jacket to reveal a tailored-fit button-down, and you’ll have the females swooning.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-5 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-6

Another great layering piece is this “Stripes” short-sleeve half button-down.  Just in case you don’t want to overheat, this is a great option that keeps the aesthetic of a nicer shirt, but will help you stay cool & comfortable.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-7 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-8

Overall, Altru Apparel offers a ton of great clothing that holds on to that Cali vibe wherever you’re at.  Not only through the fall & winter, but once spring & summer come back around.  Head over to their online shop to see more.

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Altru Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Altru Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

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