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Rapha Pro Team Apparel

Photos: Rapha

You can never be too sure about what the weather will bring and Rapha has designed their new must-have piece for that very reason. Their Pro Team Softshell Base Layer can be worn under your gear to protect you from wet conditions while keeping a lightweight and breathable fabric structure.

They’ve also designed a complete line of Pro Team gear around the apparel including a set of softshell arm warmers and knee warmers, softshell gloves, and an overshoe that uses the same material as the base layer to keep it bulk-free, low-profile, and wind and water-resistant.

Pieces start at $ 80 and are available now at


Altru Apparel Releases Lookbook for Spring ’15 Collection

Altru Apparel is getting ready to release their collection for this year’s spring season, and it features some great west coast-inspired pieces.  The spring season is their most laid-back and easygoing collection yet.  The main inspiration comes from the brands everyday adventures out on the west coast.  You can browse the whole collection here.


Wilson & Willys Apparel

Photo: Wilson and Willys

Soon-to-open Minneapolis boutique Wilson and Willys have released their own range of in-house apparel and it has definitely got our complete attention. The line currently features three styles and each piece is made right there in the good ol’ USA. 

Our favorite piece, the Gridwax Anorak ($ 279), is stripped down to the 10oz gridwax canvas to create a three-season layer that you can wear  on its own when its cool and layer on top of a sweater when it starts to get a colder. Other styles include two classic chore coats made from your choice of wool ($ 269) or waxed canvas ($ 289). More from Wilson and Willys at their online store at


Sneakhype Style: Stay Fresh this Winter with Altru Apparel

For 10 years now, Altru Apparel has been a go-to brand intelligent & inspired graphics.  Recently, they’ve started delving more into outerwear, cut & sew, and trousers.  It’s important to keep things fresh even in the winter months where you might be a little more lazy in terms of how you dress.  Altru keeps things simple, yet refreshing & stylish, so you don’t have to put much effort into your outfits.

A couple staple pieces of theirs that will not only keep you warm, but incredibly cozy are the Life hoodie & Zig Zag sweats.  These incredibly soft items are a must-have for this year’s cold weather months. sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-1 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-2 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-3 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-4

Layering is important during the winter, so preparation is key.  Throwing on a nice button-down like this “Wavy” piece are great additions to any outfit.  Getting too hot?  Throw off that jacket to reveal a tailored-fit button-down, and you’ll have the females swooning.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-5 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-6

Another great layering piece is this “Stripes” short-sleeve half button-down.  Just in case you don’t want to overheat, this is a great option that keeps the aesthetic of a nicer shirt, but will help you stay cool & comfortable.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-7 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-8

Overall, Altru Apparel offers a ton of great clothing that holds on to that Cali vibe wherever you’re at.  Not only through the fall & winter, but once spring & summer come back around.  Head over to their online shop to see more.

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Primitive Apparel Holiday ’14 Lookbook

Primitive just released the lookbook for their holiday collection this year.  They head over to London for a stroll through the neighborhood with Calum Best, and Willie T. is the photographer behind the lookbook.  The whole collection will be available on November 8th online.

MK3_3519_grande MK3_3940_grande MK3_4012_grande MK3_4492-R_grande MK3_4559-R_grande MK3_4859_grande MK3_4942_grande MK3_5020_grande

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Check out the entire adidas Originals by NIGO apparel collection

The legendary NIGO has finally unveiled his apparel collection with adidas Originals. The collection takes inspiration from 90’s fashion and features a wide range of goods. Track suits, t-shirts, varsity jackets, and sweaters all make an appearance in NIGO’s debut line with adidas. The collection will be available starting October 24th at select retailers. 

Take a closer look below.

nigo-adidas-collection-21 nigo-adidas-collection-20 nigo-adidas-collection-19 nigo-adidas-collection-18 nigo-adidas-collection-17 nigo-adidas-collection-16 nigo-adidas-collection-15 nigo-adidas-collection-14 nigo-adidas-collection-13 nigo-adidas-collection-12 nigo-adidas-collection-11 nigo-adidas-collection-10 nigo-adidas-collection-9 nigo-adidas-collection-8 nigo-adidas-collection-7 nigo-adidas-collection-6 nigo-adidas-collection-5 nigo-adidas-collection-4 nigo-adidas-collection-3 nigo-adidas-collection-2 nigo-adidas-collection-1

Via HS

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Snow Peak Apparel


Known for their much lusted-after outdoor goods, Snow Peak launch a full line of apparel for the Fall/Winter season. The first drop of the collection which launches tomorrow, will include insulated pieces that are ideal for the winter and a variety of shirting and parkas.

Our favorite pieces in the collection are the “Flex Insulated” styles which come in a pant, cardigan, pullover, and shirt. They’re the ideal insulated layer for keeping warm as winter creeps closer and are perfect for the campsite or in your local city center.

Snow Peak