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How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year? Bon-bons, tinsel, maybe a cup of egg nog or two? Nike has a better idea. Feast your eyes upon the Nike Basketball Christmas 2014 Collection. Now we have already brought you previews of the KD7 Egg Nog, but check out their partners in crime, the Kobe 9 Elite ‘Knit Stocking’ and the LeBron 12 ‘Akron Birch’. The Kobe’s inspiration is pretty straightforward, drawing influence from the stocking generally found left in front of chimneys for Saint Nick to fill, but for us it is the LBJ12 that really takes the cake here, boasting patterning inspired by Ohio’s winter weather and a special Birch Tree design! Set to hit stateside stockists December 26, maybe hold off on the pre-christmas buys and save those pennies for this terrific trio dropping at Nike.

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Kill Time on the Pot with the Slam Dunk Basketball Toilet Set

Because we all forget to take our phones to the bathroom sometimes.  Make your next trip to the drop the kids off at the pool fly by with this Slam Dunk Basketball Toilet Set.  It’s only $ 11.95.  Order it here.

slam-dunk-toilet-set-1 slam-dunk-toilet-set-2 slam-dunk-toilet-set-3 slam-dunk-toilet-set-4

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KILLSPENCER Makes the Most Expensive Mini Basketball Kit

This might not be the most expensive mini-basketball kit out there, but with the price tag of $ 795 for the backboard & another $ 300 for the basketball one can only assume that it holds the title.  KILLSPENCER is the brand that offers these luxury products that you would normally find for about a $ 20 spot at a toy store.  The difference is this kit offers a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim that’s mounted on a matte black & natural maple backboard.  The kicker is the leather net, which seems to be a first.  The basketball itself is also made from a black full grain leather.  Head over to KILLSPENCER’s online shop to pre-order yours.

kill-spencer-mini-basketball-1 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-2 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-3 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-4 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-5 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-6 kill-spencer-mini-basketball-7

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Killspencer Mini Basketball Kit


The office basketball hoop just got a next level upgrade via the talented hands over at Killspencer. Their Indoor Mini Basketball Kit features a matte black maple wood backboard and your choice of a powdercoated black rim and leather net ($ 795) or a special edition 24k gold-plated version with a black leather net accented with a gold foil skirt ($ 995). You can also purchase the separate mini basketball that is made from black, full-grain leather ($ 300).



Nike & Teague Create Private Basketball Team Jet Concept

As if athletes lives weren’t luxurious enough, Nike and the design team at Teague have created this ultimate private jet concept for basketball teams.  These are just computer-generated mock-ups, but they look like they’re straight from the future.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sometime in the very near future.

Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-01 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-02 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-03 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-04 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-05 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-06 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-07 Nike-Teague-Ultimate-Basketball-Jet-08


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Nike Basketball Unveils Men’s USA Basketball Uniform

Nike Basketball has officially unveiled the new Men’s USA Basketball Uniform.  This is the brand’s lightest uniform in history.  The Hyper Elite jersey has a flocked lining at the inside of the neck that allows the wearer to comfortably wipe sweat from the face, such a simple feature, yet so futuristic.  The uniform will be a must-have summer accessory, so be sure to grab one when they’re available on August 7th at

nike-basketball-usa-1 nike-basketball-usa-2 nike-basketball-usa-3 nike-basketball-usa-4 nike-basketball-usa-5 nike-basketball-usa-6

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Sneakhype Sneak Peek: Nike Basketball KD7 “35,000 Degrees”


This Saturday, Nike Basketball will be releasing the newest Kevin Durant signature model.  The KD7 first released in an “Independence Day” colorway, but now it’s releasing on a larger scale in what’s called the “35,000″ degrees colorway.  Check out your local retailers to see what availability is like.

sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-2 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-3 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-5 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-6 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-7 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-8 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-9 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-10 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-11 sneakhype-sneak-peek-kd-7-35000-degrees-12

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