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Meet your favorite new boardshort: Birdwell Beach Britches

Photos: Birdwell

Why are we talking about surfwear on the brink of winter? Well, after 50+ years in the business, one of the most respected surfwear brands is being reintroduced to the world completely refreshed and ready for 2015. 

The Santa Ana-based company has long been a favorite of anyone in the last half century who’s spent a fair amount of time on the sand in Southern California. Believe it or not, the company spent all that time without a proper marketing and design team. 

Today Birdwell is putting itself into the caring hands of a group of local SoCal surfers and Birdwell fans who are continuing the brand’s legacy with new designs and those same classic looks with updated fits. The group is keeping the original factory and bringing up to modern spec and Birdwell’s site is getting a much needed update. So if your holiday plans are taking you somewhere tropical definitely give Birdwell a look and keep it bookmarked so you can stock up once summer comes around.



Beach Paradise “Mar de Luz House” Located in Peru

When you live right on the beach, you want to make sure you accent your views.  That’s exactly what the architects at Oscar Gonzalez Moix did with this house in Paracas, Peru.  The first level of the home features a transparent them that allows you to take advantage of the views from every angle.  Mission well-accomplished guys.

mar-de-luz-house-1 mar-de-luz-house-2 mar-de-luz-house-3 mar-de-luz-house-4 mar-de-luz-house-5 mar-de-luz-house-6 mar-de-luz-house-7 mar-de-luz-house-8 mar-de-luz-house-9 mar-de-luz-house-10 mar-de-luz-house-11 mar-de-luz-house-12 mar-de-luz-house-13 mar-de-luz-house-14 mar-de-luz-house-15 mar-de-luz-house-16 mar-de-luz-house-17 mar-de-luz-house-18 mar-de-luz-house-19 mar-de-luz-house-20 mar-de-luz-house-21 mar-de-luz-house-22 mar-de-luz-house-23 mar-de-luz-house-24


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Beach House in Lebanon is an Architectural Masterpiece

The houses we find never cease to amaze me.  This house in Amchit, Lebanon is certainly no different.  The views of the Mediterranean are absolutely breath-taking to say the least.  BLANKPAGE Architects developed the beach home by layering wooden decks & mixing that with a minimal steel structure.  I know you have the open sea just in front of you, but that lap pool?  So dope.

lebanon-beach-house-1 lebanon-beach-house-2 lebanon-beach-house-3 lebanon-beach-house-4 lebanon-beach-house-5 lebanon-beach-house-6 lebanon-beach-house-7 lebanon-beach-house-8 lebanon-beach-house-9 lebanon-beach-house-10 lebanon-beach-house-11 lebanon-beach-house-12 lebanon-beach-house-13 lebanon-beach-house-14 lebanon-beach-house-15 lebanon-beach-house-16 lebanon-beach-house-17 lebanon-beach-house-18


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Sneakhype Sneak Peek: LeBron 11 “South Beach”


One of the most popular LeBron colorways has got to be the “South Beach.”  We’ve seen in used in a number of the signature LeBron models, and now the latest edition will showcase the popular colorway on the LeBron 11.  These are set to drop this Saturday, June 21st, so check with your local retailer on availability.

sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-6 sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-4 sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-3 sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-5 sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-2 sneakhype-sneak-peek-lebron-11-south-beach-1

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The Nike LeBron 11 “South Beach” Has Finally Been Unveiled

It’s that time of the year again. Nike is preparing the release of the always-popular “South Beach” colorway of the LeBron’s. The LeBron 11 has been dressed up in the Teal/Pink “South Beach” colorway we’ve come to know and love  – but this year it features a few tweaks. The Teal panelling on the side of the shoe has what looks like a palm leaf print. Small details like this is what will set this shoe a part from past versions. This are definitely going to sell out quick so if you want to get your hands on a pair you should start making arrangements now.

The LeBron 11 “South Beach” is scheduled to be released on June 21st.






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Beach Bunnies: D’Emploi Brooklyn Beach Bags

Beach Bunnies: D'Emploi Brooklyn Beach Bags

Brooklyn-based D’Emploi releases an impressive line of weekend and beach-ready bags just in time for the warmer weather.
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Stanley & Sons Beach Checkers


Here’s a great essential for your beach bag, Stanley & Sons new Beach Checkers set. The set features discharge-printed squares on a bandana and handmade glazed ceramic checker pieces which all store easily and conveniently in a drawstring bag.

$ 47, Unionmade