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Artist Draws NBA Stars Using their Nike Logos

Designer, Ziarekenya Smith, created these drawings of the NBA’s elite using only their signature Nike logos.  The goal of the project was to showcase elite NBA players using their logos, vivid colors, and a geometric prism design.  Check the full project here.




Here’s a few familiar faces that are definitely worthy of being emblazoned on your chest. If you’re into big conversation-starting graphics on tees, you might dig on the new range of tees and jumpers by Ted’s Draws. ATliens-era OutKast make an appearance, along with  Missy Elliott, glory days Busta Rhymes, Snoop and more. There’s even an obscure Sopranos reference on a creepy Steve Buscemi tee. Head to Ted’s Draws if you dig ‘em, print this article out and spit on the pictures if you don’t.

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Guy Draws Photorealistic Fingerprint Painting of Morgan Freeman (Video)

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this was painted using fingerprints on an iPad.  Kyle Lambert is the very talented artist behind this photorealistic image of Morgan Freeman.  Just watch it and prepare to be in awe.

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