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World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Gun (Video)

I know this is going to spark up a ton of debate.  Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed has created the world’s first fully functional, fully 3D-printed gun.  With all the gun control talks going around, I can’t say that this is the greatest idea.  It is however very cool when you take into consideration how it was made.

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Verse Simmonds Feat. Young Jeezy – Fully Loaded (Remix)


          Young Jeezy makes the final cut for Verse Simmonds’ track “Fully Loaded”.

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Verse Simmonds – Fully Loaded (Prod by Sak Pase).


New Single from Verse Simmonds. Dope “Juicy” Sample

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Justin Timberlake Says Timbaland Fully Produced His Album, Speaks On Tour With Jay-Z


Justin Timberlake reveals Timbaland will be the sole producer on “The 20/20 Experience,” and says his “Legends of the Summer” tour with Jay-Z is going to be “completely collaborative.”

Justin Timberlake is ready to take over pop music once again, and helping him is his long-time collaborator, Timbaland. The producer and artist worked together on JT’s last album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, with Timbaland on the boards for almost the entire project. Once again, Timbaland is taking the helm and is producing The 20/20 Experience entirely.

In a new interview with Capital FM in the UK, Justin revealed that Timbo would be responsible for all the production on his upcoming album, and also discussed his upcoming tour with Jay-Z, “Legends Of The Summer.”

“It’s all me and Tim,” said Justin on the production. “I have recently worked with Pharrell on some stuff that he’s doing. We talked about getting back in at some point, so yeah I love both of those guys. This album goes a lot of different directions. I think there is probably a little bit of what’s reminiscent of the first album and a little bit of reminiscent of the second album and some new stuff.”

As for features on The 20/20 Experience, one you shouldn’t be expecting is Hov’s wife, Beyonce. ”We didn’t do anything on this for mine, but that’s not to say down the road there can’t be a single version of something. But yeah, it’s a lot of me and Tim.”

Justin will be spending a lot of time with Hov in the coming months, seeing as the two “Suit & Tie” artists are going on tour together. Justin revealed that their shows are going to be completely collaborative in what sounds like an innovative way. ”It’s a North American tour, but we are sharing the Wireless Tour. We are still working it out but the idea is like a completely random reference but I remember seeing Elton [John] and Billy Joel go on tour together and the way they mixed each others songs,” Justin explained, ”I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s going to be a completely collaborative show.”

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Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Being Fully Backed By Interscope and Support From Dr. Dre


Kendrick Lamar recently spoke on being fully backed by new record label, Interscope, while saying he was allowed full creative freedom on his album.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Compton native Kendrick Lamar addressed fans and critics alike who had questioned his move to Interscope recently. The TDE rapper explained that there was no pressure from the label and they gave him full creative freedom with the album, looking to make no compromises.

“People tell me this every day, I was in a blessed position,” said Kendrick. “No compromise at all. [They] told me to go, continue what I’m doing – Interscope, Dre. Continue doing what I’m doing. And I think that just comes from them having faith in the music, them believing in the foundation that we built from the ground up, and not wanting to lose that foundation. So many people say, ‘Well I was hearing…he signed to which-a-call-it. I know it’s about to happen now. He’s finna come with something left.’ But at the whole time this was already premeditated how we was gon’ come.”

A smart move by Interscope as Kendrick’s album, good kid, m.A.A.D city was arguably the years best album. Kendrick went on to speak about the support he received from mentor Dr.Dre, who he says was ready to get ball rolling in the first few days he was signed to Interscope. Revealing that Dr.Dre thought he was already developed as an artist, Kendrick explained that Dre merely asked him how long it would take to create his solo album.

“In so many words you know what Dre said…this probably like my first week after being signed to him. He said, ‘You know what? You ready. Ain’t no need developing you or being over your shoulders. You already ready. How long do you think you’re gonna take to build this album,’” Kendrick explained.

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Adapt X Fully Laced – The Olympia Collection

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