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Hard Graft Work Satchel

Photos: Hard Graft

Shunning excessive pockets and dividers, Hard Graft wanted to make the most out of the space inside with an updated version of their Work Satchel. Keeping the main compartment clean and open, the bag not adds more space, but also helps shave off any unnecessary weight. 

The company designed the bag with a tough, leathery outer made from a single piece of semi-vegetable Tuscan leather that features a matte grey colorway and a scratch-resistant exterior. Inside, you’ll find space for a 13″ or 15″ laptop, Italian wool felt lining, a large exterior pocket for magazines or tablets, and a removable carry handle if you want to carry it like a briefcase. 

Available now for $ 684 at


Hard Graft’s Atelier Double Take Holdall

Photos: Hard Graft

There’s a reason why Hard Graft has a cult following that sits on the edge of their seats awaiting their latest release. Just look at their new Atelier Double Take Holdall and you can just smell the immaculately-crafted leather right from the page. 

The bag swaps out their usual grey felt and tan leather for a beautiful, all-black vegetable-tanned leather that gives their signature look a brand new look and feel. It’s also properly sized for carry-on use and each bag is fully-lined with heavy duty British wool. Don’t know how many bags to bring? The duffel folds flat for easy storage in your suitcase in case you leave with more than you brought in. 

Available for $ 1,221 at


LaCie’s tank of a hard drive, the Rugged RAID

Photo: LaCie

LaCie’s Rugged line of hard drives adds a new model that may just be the only portable hard drive you’ll ever need. The new Rugged RAID takes their signature protective enclosure and wraps it around a set of two-drives that make for a combined 4TBs of storage which should be a little more than adequate. 

More importantly, the drive features a RAID 1 mode that backs up your data across the two drives so all your files will safe and sound in the event of a drive failure. You also get shock, dust, and water resistance and Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 connectivity gives you high speed data transfers of up to 240 MB/s. The drive will be available sometime this quarter for $ 450. 


Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Team up for the Movie “Get Hard”

Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart is a comedy duo that most would not think of for a movie, but this trailer for the upcoming movie “Get Hard” looks pretty hilarious.  Then again, Will Ferrell alone is always hilarious to me.  In theaters March 27th, 2015.


Spelling is hard

Spelling is tough, especially when you are a kid, and here are 15 examples of just how bad kids are at spelling. It’s kind of like a “kids write the darndest things”; Bill Cosby would have had a ball with these… if he still had any idea what was going on.

1. I get a little hoe sick too… I mean Home sick


2. Who hasn’t rapped a little Eminem at some point


3. I have a feeling “Kurt” is a prick


4. The old Cum Bucket…


5. One day you won’t


6. Vagina, I believe, is the capitol city of Virginia


7. Here… T is for Tits


8. I knew no one in their right mind would be a math teacher


9. This is not the conversation you want to have a parent teacher conference


10. There is nothing like a home cooked meal


11. E is for Error… Spelling Error


12. Those “decks” can be slippery


13. Call the FBI


14. Some of Jason Biggs grade school art.


15. But seriously have a nice day guys

Now you hopefully you won’t feel as bad the next time you tweet a terribly mangled thought.


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I’m ashamed to laugh so hard at this dog blasting a car horn

I feel like he knows what he’s doing.

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Hard Graft Bicycle Bags


Commute on your bike to work everyday? Then you probably like to keep your daily carry as minimal as possible. Hard Graft has got a great new pair of bags for everything you need to carry in a compact package that you can attach to your bike.

The bags come in two sizes: the Frame Pack which is a great size for notebooks and small electronics and the Frame Folio which is perfectly-sized to hold a tablet, documents, and other small essentials for your workday. Both are made from the company’s rugged vegetable-tanned leather and feature convenient carry straps and leather attachments to secure to your bike.

$ 391-$ 408, Hard Graft