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Sneakhype Sneak Peek: Brooks Heritage Collaborates with atmos & Mila Owen on Latest Shoe

Brooks Heritage’s latest collaboration features a Pacific Ocean-inspired Chariot.  They partnered with Tokyo-based retailer, atmos, for the project.  With the Pacific Ocean being the body of water that separates atmos in Japan, and Brooks in Washington, it made sense for that to be the primary inspiration for the shoe.  The shoe will release in limited quantities on February 14th at atmos, with a female version of the shoe releasing at Mila Owen.  A global release will take place on February 28th.  You can currently pre-order the shoe here.


Bait & Brooks Heritage Announce the “Centennial” Chariot

After a successful collaboration with the retailer, Concepts, Brooks Heritage has teamed up with another popular boutique.  This time around they hook up with BAIT to celebrate the opening of their 4th chapter store.  Named the “Centennial,” this Chariot pays homage to the 100 years that Brooks has existed.  Price is set at $ 120.  Head here to find out how to get your own.

brooks-heritage-bait-chariot-4 brooks-heritage-bait-chariot-2 brooks-heritage-bait-chariot-5 brooks-heritage-bait-chariot-1 brooks-heritage-bait-chariot-3

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Red Wing Heritage Kangatan 8180


Red Wing Heritage is releasing a new boot this month and it has quite the history, especially if you’re a big fan of baseball. The Kangatan 8180 is based off of the Super Setter 888 boot, a shoe created for Sears and baseball legend Ted Williams, who spent much of his time as an outdoorsman when he wasn’t busy hitting homers for the Red Sox. His name also became synonymous with quality as a brand that adorned Sears’ most premium sporting goods products.

Launched in 1963, the Super Setter 888 was made of kangaroo hide and was used due to its lightweight and durable characteristics and at the time was considered the best boot the company could produce. Today the 8180 honors that style with the same iconic green colorway which is crafted from Portage cowhide leather and will also be released alongside special edition baseballs that are made from the same leather.

Red Wing


Jaguar Heritage Driving


What if you could get behind the wheel of some of Jaguar’s most important cars and we’re not talking about putting a PlayStation controller in your hands. Think of Jaguar Heritage Driving as listening to the deluxe set of your favorite band’s greatest hits collection, only you get to be on stage jamming with the band.

Yes, Jaguar Heritage Driving is giving customers the chance to drive some of the most incredible automobiles to come out of England and the list of cars you’ll be able to drive is nothing short of impressive. They’ve got E-Types, D-Types, and XK150s and you can even compare Jaguar’s past and present with a D-Type driving experience that will also put you in the driver’s seat of Jaguar’s 550-hp F-Type R. Jaguar Heritage Driving is located at a private test facility in Warwickshire, England and is currently taking bookings for half hour, 60 minute, half day, and full-day driving experiences.

Jaguar Heritage Driving


Bell & Ross BR 126 Sport Heritage GMT & Flyback


With the Vintage BR collection becoming as expansive as the BR 01, it’s getting harder and harder to choose styles and it doesn’t help that Bell & Ross does a fantastic job with every release.

The newest member of the BR 126 family is one of their most sophisticated and most elegant. The BR 126 Sport Heritage has a classic, old world elegance to it with its gold accents that rest beautifully against the black dial. The watch also has a flyback complication and a 24-hr GMT subregister for the travel set.

Bell & Ross


Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Collection


Red Wing Heritage brings back another hit from the archives, a heavy duty work boot style that was very popular on farms and blacksmith workshops across the country before getting polished up for the evening.

The shoe will be available in four styles, each in distinct Red Wing leathers: 4522, 2956, 2962, and 2963. Red Wing has also released a “Marching to a different drum”, a video that follows the installation of a new wooden tanning drum which take leather hides to soak them and get all those amazing finishes we love. Check out the video after the jump.



Sneakhype Style: Go Exploring with Brooks Heritage

Vintage style pieces should be something that everyone has in their wardrobe.  Brooks Running has brought back some vintage pieces of their own this year, and they couldn’t look any better.  The Brooks Heritage collection brings back the brand’s most iconic styles from the 70s & 80s, and now what’s old is new again.


The Brooks Vanguard was originally introduced in 1976.  The clean lines & classic style of this shoe just scream “run in me.”  The color options in this particular model are a plenty, and it’s one of the most comfortable pairs you’ll ever throw on.  Available here for $ 84.99.

sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-2 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-3 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-4 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-5

The Brooks Vantage was also another model that hit in the ground running in 1976.  It was actually the first shoe to win Runner’s World’s five-star award for Brooks.  Such a clean, and simplistic shoe, the Vantage will work with any outfit or as a functional running shoe as well.  The Vantage can be bought here for $ 79.99.

sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-6 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-7 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-8 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-9 sneakhype-style-brooks-heritage-10

This amazing collection from Brooks not only showcases their roots in running, but the versatility of classic runners.  Rugged and durable, yet refined in design, this line is perfect for just about anyone.  Head here to check out the full Brooks Heritage Collection.


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