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Scout Regalia For Kaufmann Mercantile

Photos: Kaufmann Mercantile

We’re loving these powder coated stools from Scout Regalia who created this special slate grey color for Kaufmann Mercantile. The versatile stools come in two sizes, one that’s perfect for bar setups and a smaller model that works great as a side table or nightstand.

Originally created as an exclusive design for a bar and restaurant in Colorado, the stool is now a part of their permanent collection. Made in Los Angeles from oak and steel, the stools feature a convenient storage space under the seat and it also has a hook underneath for hanging bags, jackets, or hats. 

$ 360-$ 375, Kaufmann Mercantile


Naadam Cashmere Sweaters for Kaufmann Mercantile


What’s better than good cashmere? How about cashmere that actually does some good. Naadam is bringing its cashmere goods to Kaufmann Mercantile with an accessory and sweater collection made from fibers that come straight from nomadic herders that have harvested the wool on the Mongolian Steppe. The cashmere has a 12-gauge knit and the fiber is sourced from goats that live in extreme cold which makes their wool softer, longer, and more importantly isn’t itchy or piles. Naadam has also focused on helping nomadic herders preserve their way of life with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the World Bank to fund livestock insurance.

$ 75-$ 350, Kaufmann Mercantile


Wax/Surf Co x Kaufmann Mercantile Surfboard


Built exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile, Wax/Surf Co has created a special funboard for beginners and experts alike. The versatile board was designed by Brooklyn-based duo Michael Farley and Tyler Jorgenson who have channeled their experience in architecture into unique, custom boards.

For the KM Edition, the two designed a board with a single fin and box tail that ends in a squared off rail. Taking twenty hours to build just one board, each one is built in-house and is shaped from fiberglass and is then cured with polyester resin which all surrounds a foam core.

$ 990, Kaufmann Mercantile


Horse x Kaufmann Mercantile City Cruiser


Horse Cycles of Brooklyn, NY teams up with one of our favorite modern general stores, Kaufmann Mercantile. The two have come up with a tough yet minimal, handcrafted City Cruiser.

The Kaufmann exclusive uses 4130 steel True Temper tubing for a durable, lightweight frame and a single speed coaster brake system. It also achieves its clean design with TIG welded joints, custom copper badging, lugged fork crown, and a hard-carved seat cluster. The bike will come accessorized with Brooks leather handles and a Brooks saddle.

$ 1895, Kaufmann Mercantile


Clark Street Mercantile Unityware


Clark Street Mercantile has worked with Norquay Co. to create Unityware, a colorful new range of enamel mugs. The mugs celebrate the four elements: Fire, Sea, Land, and Air, and are made by hand in Poland using the very same machinery that has been used since WWII.

Clark Street Mercantile


Mercantile Clothing Utility Bag


Montreal’s own Clark Street Mercantile releases their first bag under their Mercantile Clothing label. Inspired by old school automotive tool bags, their navy Utility Bag features heavy cotton canvas construction and a lining made out of soft, Japanese flannel.

Clark Street Mercantile


Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Bike Kit


Kaufmann Mercantile releases another one of must-have EDC kits and this time they’ve targeted the cyclist. The kit includes a corrosion and rust-proof quick release brass key ring, 4 and 5mm hex keys, a water and shock-resistant compass, and industrial-grade mini pry bars.

$ 74, Kaufmann Mercantile