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You Need to Listen to this Beck & Beyonce “Single Loser” Mash-Up

By now you’ve heard of the Beck/Beyonce dilemma at this year’s Grammy’s.  Well, this is a mash-up track that features Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Beck’s “Loser.”  I can’t say which album was better as a whole, but this track is actually pretty dope.


9 Unbelievable Facts You Need To Know



Floating Iron Man Action Figure is the Coolest Toy You Need

This is potentially one of the coolest action figures you’ll see.  As a kid, you obviously want something you can play with, but it’s cool to have such a dope spot for it to chill when you’re not having fun.  You can buy it at Big Bad Toy Store for $ 169.99 here.


Alden Hanover Bal Oxford for Need Supply

Photos: Need Supply

Alden has made quite a few dress shoes for popular Richmond, Virginia shop Need Supply Co and every single one has been a winner in our book. However, their recent drop is our new favorite. Just look at it, the Hanover Bal Oxford could not be more perfect. 

The almost seamless upper is made from a beautiful, natural Chromexcel leather which will darken and wear well with use. Other details include hidden eyelets, leather lining, 3/4 natural welt, white goodyear stitch, and a double leather outsole. Made in the USA and available for $ 538 at


Sometimes you just need some Sideboob (18 pics)

slipperly-squishy-sideboob-1slipperly-squishy-sideboob-10  slipperly-squishy-sideboob-12 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-2 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-3 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-4 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-17 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-5 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-7 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-8 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-9 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-11 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-13 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-14 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-15 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-16 slipperly-squishy-sideboob-18

That’s all folks.  But, don’t worry, there’s more.

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You Need to Follow @textsfromyourex on Instagram

Today we have another Instagram that is pure gold.  @Textsfromyourex is an account where people submit text conversation screenshots with their exes.  They have some great ones, but we narrowed it down to some of our favorites.  Follow them here.

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You Need To Lower Your Standards And Follow Average Life Goals on Twitter

Are your standards a bit too high? Are your goals out of reach? Then you need to follow Average Life Goals on Twitter. They understand and appreciate mediocracy.

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