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Here are the 45 nice ass butts you ordered for Hump Day Dopeness – Part I

Nice ass butts.  Get it?

But let’s get serious for a minute… I’ve been working on this gallery for a week.  I hope you’ll enjoy:

  1. The quality of the butts.  They truly are nice ass butts.
  2. The quantity of butts.  45 pics?  Can I get a round of applause please?  G’on an’ make dat ass clap.
  3. The fact that this is merely Part ONE of today’s Dopeness, and that you’re going to be getting another full Dose of Dopeness circa 4:00pm this afternoon.

All right let’s get it then.

nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-1 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-3 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-4 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-5 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-6 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-7 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-8 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-9 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-10 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-11 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-12 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-13 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-14 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-15 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-16 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-17 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-18 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-19 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-20 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-21 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-22 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-23 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-24 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-25 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-26 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-27 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-28 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-29 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-30 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-31 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-32 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-33 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-34 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-35 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-36 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-37 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-38 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-39 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-40 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-41 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-42 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-43 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-44 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-45 nice-ass-butts-are-so-soft-and-spankable-2

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Sneakhype Style: Upgrade Your Sock Drawer with Nice Laundry

The sock drawer, what a deep & dark mystery of a place.  Mismatches, missing socks, weird sizes, and the list goes on.  Nice Laundry has recently stepped on the scene, and is helping you upgrade your sock drawer with not only great quality socks, but some of the best prints & colors that I’ve seen.


They offer a variety of socks that all come in packs of 6, and you also have the option to upgrade your entire sock drawer for $ 99.  That’s right, $ 99, and you pick any 3 of the packs you wish.


They also offer a great recycling program for all those individuals socks that don’t have a home, or for the ones that you’ve worn so much they have giant holes in them.  On top of all that they have a great referral program where you can earn a free pair of socks for each person you refer.  Pretty awesome, right?

Head over to Nice Laundry’s website so you can add some quality socks to your arsenal!

sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-2 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-4 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-7 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-8 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-5 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-6 sneakhype-style-nice-laundry-9

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Los Angeles’ Brooklyn Projects (saying that still has us wigging out) have a stab at another Nike SB, this time getting all snappy with Dunk High. They’ve called it the ‘Paparazzi’, and have appropriately adorned it with camera flash graphics and some tidy camera heel embroidery. The Dunk will drop exclusively at Brooklyn Project retailers, get the story behind it from High Snob.

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25 pics of nice boobs for Tuesday’s Tittaes

I just thought it would be nice to share some nice boobs with the world.  I’m really just a man on a mission… a mission to showcase nice boobs.  Mission accomplished. 



























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Nice To Meet You: Photographs by Martin Usborne

Nice To Meet You: Photographs by Martin Usborne

Photographer and artist Martin Usborne snapped shots of abandoned and aggressive dogs to help chronicle and deal with his own struggle with depression.
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Naughty But Nice Christmas Cards & Gift Wrapping

Calligraphuck just released a range of products for this Christmas season including some new cards, as well as gift wrapping.  You wouldn’t want to buy these for just anyone, but I’m sure some of your friends would get a good laugh.  Check ‘em out here.


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G-Eazy – Must Be Nice (Music Video)

G-Eazy just dropped the title track off his latest project, Must Be Nice.  As he continues to grow as an artist and in popularity, the videos gives you a look into what life’s been like lately.