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Sneakhype Style: Freshen Up your Sock Drawer with Richer Poorer Socks

Keeping a good stock of fresh socks for your feet is always a good idea.  Richer Poorer is an LA-based brand that has an incredible selection of different sock styles & prints.  They offer mens, womens, and kids options, so you can deck out the whole family if need be.  Head here to check out a full-range of Richer Poorer socks.


Richer Poorer Winter 2014/15

We often wonder how many people in action sports collectively yelled “d’oh!” the instant Stance came out. We bet it was a lot. Not that that is a bad thing because honestly the sock game had gotten pretty stale and now it seems like socks grow on trees. Just ask Richer Poorer who recently brought Chris Pastras on to curate their skate program. If Pastras is on board we are too, check out their new line above.

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