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Rastaclat & Beyond Hype Drop Valentine’s Day Quickstrike Collection

Rastaclat and Beyond Hype have teamed up for an exclusive Valentine’s Day Quickstrike collection.  It features 2 special limited edition floral bracelets that are limited to 2000 pieces each.  The Black Orchid bracelet features a black & white floral theme with black hardware, whereas the Poinsettia bracelet features a multicolor floral theme with gold hardware.  Each piece runs $ 13.99, and you can find them here.


Reed Space & Rastaclat Collaborate on “No.2″ Bracelet

The retail store, Reed Space, has teamed up with Rastaclat for this upcoming “No.2″ bracelet.  Reed Space was founded by Jeff Staple who was encouraged by his art teacher, Michael Reed, to think differently.  So, I’m sure that had some of the inspiration behind this project.  The bracelet will be available on November 1st, over on Rastaclat’s webstore.

reed-space-rastaclat-2-pencil-bracelet-07-570x407 reed-space-rastaclat-2-pencil-bracelet-04-copy-570x384 reed-space-rastaclat-2-pencil-bracelet-04-570x646 reed-space-rastaclat-2-pencil-bracelet-02-570x570 reed-space-rastaclat-2-pencil-bracelet-05-570x427

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Sneakhype Select Series: Rastaclat Shoelaces

We’ve been fans of Rastaclat for quite a while now. They continually release fresh, high quality goods and have been consistently expanding their line over the past year or so. Rastaclat recently added shoelaces to their constantly growing collection of accessories. Like all of their products, you can expect tons of variety and great design.


They offer both flat and oval laces, if you prefer one over the other, which are available in solid colors and patterns.



Like all of Rastaclat’s products, their laces are built to withstand the everyday abuse of an active sneakerhead.




With sneakers being more popular than ever, sometimes you need a nice pair of laces to set you part from the pack. Lucky for you, Rastaclat has plenty to choose from and they’re all affordably priced at only $ 12.99.



Head over to the Rastaclat website to purchase all of the laces seen above.


Photo Credit: Ty Sechler

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Rastaclat – Spring Collection Preview

Rastaclat is preparing the release of their upcoming Spring Collection which features new bracelets, belts, hats, and shoelaces. The collection consists of several black/gold themed pieces in addition to a few colorful and vibrant pieces that Rastaclat is known for. Take a look at a few of our favorite items below.

Rastaclat’s entire Spring collection will be available at Beyond Hype starting tonight.







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Rastaclat NFL Series

Rastalcat just released a new NFL series of bracelets inspired by the playoffs. They didn’t make one for the Kansas City Chiefs but we’re going to assume it just slipped their mind and wasn’t anything personal. The entire collection is available now at Beyond Hype.




Totem Bracelet


American Cheese Bracelet


Mile High Bracelet


Gold Rush Bracelet


Old Glory Bracelet


Fleur De Lis Bracelet


Indy Bracelet


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Rastaclat Braided Shoelace Belts ($30)

We recently showed you Rastaclat’s new Boyscout Belts. Now we have their new braided belts for you to check out. The braided belts are basically an enlarged version of the classic Rastaclat shoelace bracelet. The lightweight, versatile belts are available in two different styles – the braided shoelace belt and the braided hemp belt. Both versions cost about $ 30 bucks and are available in a variety of colorways. Check out all of them below.

Head over to Rastaclat’s online store to purchase your braided belt now.









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Rastaclat Boyscout Belts ($30)

The latest edition to Rastaclat’s ever expanding line comes in the form of these new Boyscout Belts. The belts are available in two different styles – paisley and tie dye. Each style is available in three different colorways for only $ 30 bucks. You can grab them now on Rastaclat’s website.








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