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Air Jordan Retro VI “Black/Infrared” Release Info

One of the most popular Jordan Retros will see a new release date this week.  On Black Friday, retailers will see those long lines again, and it will be no different for sneaker retailers this year.  The Black/Infrared Retro VI will hit stores on November 28th, and you’ll have to get there pretty early depending on when you local retailer plans on opening.  They’ll also be available on  Price is set at $ 185.  Don’t sleep on this highly-coveted colorway.

air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-15 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-16 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-17 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-18 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-14 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-19 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-20 air-jordan-retro-vi-black-infrared-21

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Earlier in the week Ewings Athletics revived an OG colourway of the 33 Hi, now we see the Rogue return in a Black and Purple rendition. Constructed from nubuck and featuring purple and grey accents, all the retro steez rests on a wavy midsole. These will be available from Ewings Athletics some time in December, so be sure to keep your eyes out for release dates.

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GoodWood Retro J’s Clock Tells You the Time in Style

Big fan of Jordan Brand?  You need this GoodWood Retro J’s clock as memorabilia then.  Using the Jordan models 1-12, this wooden clock displays the models in place of the standard clock numbers.  The clock is handmade from baltic birch plywood.  Order it here for $ 65.

goodwood-retro-js-clock-1 goodwood-retro-js-clock-2 goodwood-retro-js-clock-3 goodwood-retro-js-clock-4

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Salt Surf Retro Wetsuit Vest


NY-based Salt Surf takes their focus on well crafted, simple surfboards to well crafted, simple surfwear. Their Retro Westsuit Vest is perfect for those surf days when you want to leave the full-on wetsuit at home.

The bold red and blue colorblocked vest is constructed from 2mm neoprene and is Made in California. It’s the perfect accessory to their minimal surfboards and the old school styling brings us back to the days of mirrored Oakley shields and neon Zinka Nose Coat.

$ 120, Salt Surf


Sneakhype Sneak Peek: Air Jordan Retro II “White/Red”


Air Jordan has been pumping out the Retro II’s this year, and this Saturday brings another great II model.  The original Retro II colorway that released first in 1986 will be available at retailers this Saturday, June 7th.  Here’s a sneak peek at the colorway.

sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-3 sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-2 sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-6 sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-4 sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-7 sneakhype-sneak-peek-retro-ii-white-red-5

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Sneakhype Sneak Peek: Air Jordan Retro VI “Carmines”


One of the most anticipated shoe releases this year is the Retro VI in the “Carmine” colorway.  Jordan Brand will be releasing this retro on Saturday, May 24th.  Expect the demand to be pretty high for this, so check with your local retailers on availability.

sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-1 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-2 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-3 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-4 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-5 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-6 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-vi-carmines-7

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Sneakhype Sneak Peek: Air Jordan Retro II “Concord”


For today’s Sneakhype Sneak Peek, we take a look at the new Air Jordan Retro II in a Concord colorway.  The shoe is set to release at retailers this Saturday, May 10th.  Cop or not?

sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-retro-ii-concord-1 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-retro-ii-concord-2 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-retro-ii-concord-3 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-retro-ii-concord-4 sneakhype-sneak-peek-air-jordan-retro-ii-concord-5

Photography // Ty Sechler – Sneakhype

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