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Take a Ride on the DTV Shredder

This is like a segway on steroids.  The DTV Shredder is a brand new type of off road vehicle that combines traditional board sports with the power of motocross.  They are now currently available worldwide, find dealers here.


The Wall Ride is Modern Shelving for your Skateboard

Simplistic, modern decorations for the house are always a solid option.  This new shelf called the “wall ride” is available on a crowd-funding website for $ 172.  The shelf includes a space for your board, other personal items, and helps you open beer bottles.  It’s available in a few different finishes including white, black, and orange.  Order yours here.

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Twenty five years is a mega milestone in any book, and for Active Ride Shop and Vans, 2014 marks a momentous quarter century of partnership. In celebration, the two have joined forces to present this collaborative Sk8-Hi – a silhouette that holds deep ties between both partners. Draped in predominantly black suede down front, the understated silhouette beefs out on the tech specs, with the addition of ballistic nylon through the mid foot, and later finishing with a grey fleece compartment down the heel. Limited to just 400 pairs, these celebratory joints will be dropping both in-store and online November 1, exclusively at Active Ride Shop. Images via Sneaker News.

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Ride Some Waves with the Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Up until now, if you wanted to wakeboard, you had to be towed behind some sort of watercraft.  Well, Radinn has came in and changed the game with this electric wakeboard that is hand-controlled.  The main downfall to this wakeboard is that you’re not going to be able to do any sort of tricks off the wake of the boat you’re behind.  Having the freedom to just go out and sort of surf on your own is worth the sacrifice though.  Check out more info on their website here.

radinn-electric-wakeboard-1 radinn-electric-wakeboard-2 radinn-electric-wakeboard-3

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Watch Danny MacAskill Ride his Bike around the Playboy Mansion

Crazy bike tricks and hot babes?  Doesn’t get much better.  Danny MacAskill recently stopped by the Playboy Mansion to show off his moves.  With a bunch of playmates as his audience, I’m sure he was on his “A” game.

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Sneakhype Select Series: Take a Ride with City Bicycle Co.


Finding a quality bike at an affordable price these days is definitely not an easy task.  You can usually find cheaply made bikes for a somewhat affordable price, or bikes that cost as much as a car & will break the bank.  Luckily, City Bicycle Co. is here to help.

With a mission of helping you discover your city, the company offers high-quality, aerodynamic, and affordable bikes.  This particular model is their Type One, which features a flip-flop hub that lets you choose between freewheel & fixed gear riding.  The bike weighs only 23lbs. and comes 90% assembled.  Not only is the remaining assembly incredibly easy, they also include the tools you need to complete the job.


Most bikes of a similar style start in the price range of $ 400-500.  The City Bicycle Co. Type One will only set you back $ 275, and that includes free shipping.  I was skeptical at first, but after crushing a 16 mile ride the first day I had the bike, and then proceeding to ride it everyday since then with no setbacks, I was convinced.  I can confidently say that you will not find a better bike for your money.  You can buy the “Chicago” Type One here.


They also offer a number of different colorways, each one inspired by famous bicycling cities across the world.  Check out their full range of bicycles options here.

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Stay up to date with the company on Instagram here, and Facebook here.

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You Can Now Get A Ride From Optimus Prime Thanks To Uber

Car service app UBER has teamed up with the Transformers franchise to turn your childhood dream into a reality. In the days leading up to June 27th premier of the new Transformers movie, UBER will allow users to be picked up by a customized Western Star semi-truck that has been painted to look like Optimus Prime. To get ride from the transformer just select the “AUTOBOTS” option on the mobile app. Users will be treated to a 15-minute ride in the Transformer. Unfortunately not all of us will have a chance to use the service. It will only be available in select cities including Dallas on June 16, Phoenix on June 19 and Los Angeles on June 21. 

Head over to the UBER website for more info.

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