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Sneakhype Style: Freshen Up your Sock Drawer with Richer Poorer Socks

Keeping a good stock of fresh socks for your feet is always a good idea.  Richer Poorer is an LA-based brand that has an incredible selection of different sock styles & prints.  They offer mens, womens, and kids options, so you can deck out the whole family if need be.  Head here to check out a full-range of Richer Poorer socks.


Woodlands Trail Sock


Say hello to your boot’s new best friend, The Woodlands Trail Sock. Premium three-end Italian wool that’s crafted in the USA is the perfect weight and length for the colder months and compressed rib knitting at the arch and top of the sock help reduce the slouching you’d normally get with a taller sock. Your feel will also stay warm without too much bulk and the mid-length is ideal not just for your prized workboots, but any shoe you’ve got in our closet.

$ 32, Woodlands


Sneakhype Style: Upgrade Your Sock Drawer with Nice Laundry

The sock drawer, what a deep & dark mystery of a place.  Mismatches, missing socks, weird sizes, and the list goes on.  Nice Laundry has recently stepped on the scene, and is helping you upgrade your sock drawer with not only great quality socks, but some of the best prints & colors that I’ve seen.


They offer a variety of socks that all come in packs of 6, and you also have the option to upgrade your entire sock drawer for $ 99.  That’s right, $ 99, and you pick any 3 of the packs you wish.


They also offer a great recycling program for all those individuals socks that don’t have a home, or for the ones that you’ve worn so much they have giant holes in them.  On top of all that they have a great referral program where you can earn a free pair of socks for each person you refer.  Pretty awesome, right?

Head over to Nice Laundry’s website so you can add some quality socks to your arsenal!

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A true pioneer in its own regard, unsuspectingly, the Nike Sock Racer was the pinnacle of the redefinition of lightweight running. More sock or sandal than sneaker, its lineage can be seen in contemporary crowd favourites, including the Nike Roshe Run, where the Sock Racer’s minimalist construction and full-foot mesh upper opened up the floodgates of possibility. Jump forward thirty years, and the beauty of this humble trainer is still as good as it ever was. Thanks to SNKR FRKR Germany for the froth-worthy gallery of the Nike Sock Racer ‘Genealogy Pack’. Those with a quick trigger finger can find these right now over at Firmament where sizes are disappearing fast. Stay tuned for wider release details.

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