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Sneakhype Style: Freshen Up your Sock Drawer with Richer Poorer Socks

Keeping a good stock of fresh socks for your feet is always a good idea.  Richer Poorer is an LA-based brand that has an incredible selection of different sock styles & prints.  They offer mens, womens, and kids options, so you can deck out the whole family if need be.  Head here to check out a full-range of Richer Poorer socks.


Sneakhype Style: Invest in Timeless Pieces from Lust Limited

Lust Limited is a brand that aims to bring you simple and understated designs that can be worn universally.  You should be able to rock them during a night out, and just as easily at the gym during a workout session.  “The accessory game for fashionable males is slacking heavy,” says the president of Lust Limited, Phillip Rivers.  “We design for them.”


Sneakhype Style: Stay Warm in Style with our Winter Shopping Guide


It always seems like your wardrobe is lacking whenever a new season comes around, and since most people do a lot of layering during the winter, it can be an expensive season.  Our winter shopping guide is here to help you find stylish pieces that won’t break the bank.

First off, the bottom features the ever-so-cozy Wool Woosters from Greats Brand.  The outer features a premium Italian wool that looks and feels amazing.  They’re sure to keep your feet nice & insulated.  Buy here for $ 189.

Socks are an important aspect of any outfit, but they often get overlooked.  These floral print high socks are from MeUndies.  Buy here for $ 12.

sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-3 sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-4

Working our way up, the pants are from Mott & Bow, whose mission is to bring premium jeans to men for half the price of the big name brands.  Using the best denim fabrics from the best mills around the world, they ship jeans directly to you for $ 96.  Buy here.

sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-5 sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-6

Earlier I mentioned layering, which is incredibly important during the colder months.  This french terry tee from Jonny IV is a warm & cozy piece that you’ll want to wear everyday.  They have a ton of great layering options, which you can find here.

sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-7 sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-8

The main layer is a button down from Hugh & Crye, who pride themselves on dress shirts that actually fit.  Their sizing systems breaks the norm, and there is options for every body type.  The shirt shown is the oxford cloth button-down in oxblood.  Buy here for $ 75.

Jackets are quite possibly the most essential piece for winter, and this parka from Frank & Oak is one to have in your arsenal.  Head over to their website for a ton of great outerwear options.

sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-12 sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-2

Lastly, we have the top, which features the Tidal Drebbels in Dark Havana from Frameri Eyewear.  Frameri’s unique interchangeable lens system makes it easy to switch up your style whenever you feel.  They run $ 100 for the lenses, and $ 100 for the frames.  Buy here.

sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-10 sneakhype-style-winter-shopping-guide-11



Listen To Music In Style With These Bearbrick Ear Buds


Before you spend your hard earned money on a pair of Beats by Dre, consider these Bearbrick ear buds from Medicom Toy.  Medicom teamed up with high-quality earphones company Radius to produce the buds.

They come in the shape of the iconic Bearbrick toy and are available in five colors – red, black, blue, pink and yellow. These aren’t set to be released until January 15th but you can pre-order them now right here for $ 17.



Sneakhype Style: Stay Fresh this Winter with Altru Apparel

For 10 years now, Altru Apparel has been a go-to brand intelligent & inspired graphics.  Recently, they’ve started delving more into outerwear, cut & sew, and trousers.  It’s important to keep things fresh even in the winter months where you might be a little more lazy in terms of how you dress.  Altru keeps things simple, yet refreshing & stylish, so you don’t have to put much effort into your outfits.

A couple staple pieces of theirs that will not only keep you warm, but incredibly cozy are the Life hoodie & Zig Zag sweats.  These incredibly soft items are a must-have for this year’s cold weather months. sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-1 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-2 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-3 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-4

Layering is important during the winter, so preparation is key.  Throwing on a nice button-down like this “Wavy” piece are great additions to any outfit.  Getting too hot?  Throw off that jacket to reveal a tailored-fit button-down, and you’ll have the females swooning.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-5 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-6

Another great layering piece is this “Stripes” short-sleeve half button-down.  Just in case you don’t want to overheat, this is a great option that keeps the aesthetic of a nicer shirt, but will help you stay cool & comfortable.

sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-7 sneakhype-style-altru-apparel-8

Overall, Altru Apparel offers a ton of great clothing that holds on to that Cali vibe wherever you’re at.  Not only through the fall & winter, but once spring & summer come back around.  Head over to their online shop to see more.

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Sneakhype Style: Jonny IV Elevates your Style without Breaking the Bank

These days it’s hard to keep your wardrobe & style in check without burning holes in your pocket.  In comes Jonny IV, a brand that’s dedicated to elevating your style while keeping prices at a minimum.  Don’t let the low price fool you though, these pieces are of premium quality.

We decided to share a few of their pieces that we liked a lot, and that quite honestly surprised us.  The first outfit features their Jonny IV Logo Tee (buy here), which no joke, is the softest tee that has ever touched this body.  The fit also showcases their grey fleece joggers (buy here), perfect for lounging or even out & about running errands.  This full outfit is one of the most comfortable you’ll own, and the combined price?  $ 45!  But I’ll do you one better, use the code “SNEAKHYPE” at checkout, and save an additional 15%.

sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-1 sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-2 sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-3

The second outfit is still pretty comfy, but more for an active day or night out.  We paired their Jersey Mesh tee (buy here) with their elastic cuff slim fit jogger (buy here).  The jersey tee will work great as a layer or just to wear by itself on a slightly warmer day.  Joggers are definitely at an all-time high for popularity right now, and these are the best bang for your buck at $ 29.

sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-4 sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-5 sneakhype-style-jonny-iv-6

Overall, if you need a go-to brand for quality products that help you stay fresh, but don’t want to spend 100s of dollars on a single piece, you need to check out Jonny IV.  On top of their great prices, to celebrate their launch we’re offering an additional 15% off by using the code “SNEAKHYPE”.  Head to their website here.

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GoodWood Retro J’s Clock Tells You the Time in Style

Big fan of Jordan Brand?  You need this GoodWood Retro J’s clock as memorabilia then.  Using the Jordan models 1-12, this wooden clock displays the models in place of the standard clock numbers.  The clock is handmade from baltic birch plywood.  Order it here for $ 65.

goodwood-retro-js-clock-1 goodwood-retro-js-clock-2 goodwood-retro-js-clock-3 goodwood-retro-js-clock-4

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